And now.. what about my future worklife?

I wanted to make a difference in my life, something meaningful that I was passionate about. Many of our clients have invested a lot in their careers between the ages of 20 and 30 and have dedicated themselves to their careers. When they want to have children, the self-image of a career woman is suddenly supplemented by that of a pregnant woman and mother and they ask themselves: who am I actually? And who do I want to be?

Many women then experience more clearly than ever before that there is a significant difference between men and women. Because women are the ones who are pregnant for nine months and stay at home for months afterwards. In the coaching sessions, many of our clients report uncertainty and worries about their professional future: How should things continue now? What can I do as a pregnant woman and then as a mother? Is my current job fulfilling and exciting enough for me? Is that the end of my career options? And if I were to make a career change, when would I do it? Would I still be able to do a "fulfilling" job with a child? Will I still need fulfillment from my job when I have a child or will I no longer be interested in it? And some also ask themselves: surely it can't be that I've worked so hard all my life to give up my job? Many of our clients describe the depressing thought that with a child they are only a second-class employee and can no longer put as much time and energy into their work to really make a difference and derive fulfillment from it. Many are therefore under pressure to get into a job before pregnancy that they can imagine continuing for the rest of their lives. But when is the right time and do I want to wait any longer because of my job?

How have others solved this? How did they start working again and how did their attitude to work change? As a mother with a small child, did you feel you had a fulfilling life and if so, what made you feel fulfilled? How do women with (young) children feel about their professional future? Do they still want to have a career, do they want to work full-time and is that even possible?

Listen to our podcast to find out how other women have mastered the balancing act between pregnancy, motherhood and career.

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