How you can bring more joy, energy and enthusiasm to your child

Your child is doing well when you are doing well! As a new mom, I often heard this sentence in the first three months with our little son and it still resonates with me in many moments. How wonderful are the moments when I feel really good as a mom and I can feel that this contentment and strength is transferred to my child. Then I imagine how all the good hormones and my joy reach my child, how he only gets good things from breastfeeding and no stress hormones from me.

On the other hand, how bad is the guilty conscience when there has been an argument in the family and the little baby was present. Unfortunately, this often happens with young parents - they have issues to resolve but no opportunity for a calm conversation, their nerves are frayed, they are overtired and the child cannot be put down. Or the situations in which you are exhausted, have no more energy and look at the baby with empty, tired eyes rather than with the joy, devotion and enthusiasm that you would like to show this little miracle every day.

If we take a meta-perspective, we realize that these ups and downs do not occur by chance. The key to mental wellness lies in observing what makes us feel good. If you're feeling good at the moment, stop for a moment and think: what led to this? And could you possibly repeat this and perhaps feel this good more often?

Becoming a mother changes so much in a woman's life, not to say everything. We leave our jobs for a few months, we might even resign. Physically, we are in a state that we have never experienced before - we gain weight, are short of breath and quickly run out of breath. The only sports that come into question are the shallower programs, with aquagym and pregnancy yoga taking the place of tennis or the fitness group. Whether it's the water in the legs or, as in my case, a three-month-long persistent cold in the third trimester - we are in an exceptional physical situation that continues for a while after the birth and only slowly returns to normal. We often lose an important part of our social network when we go on maternity leave - we no longer work and no longer automatically meet or hear our colleagues every day, we lose the routine and structure of the working day and new forms of structure have to take its place, and all this while you don't really know what will happen in the first months of a baby's life.

The good news:

You can take care of yourself during this time. There are a few things you can do to actively take care of your mental wellness. We will guide you through this process and help you to discover your adjustments.

Your well-being is based on various pillars. One of these is your network, your social contacts: Do you have friends around you that you can count on, or do you sometimes feel alone? How can you draw more energy and support from your partnership? What could help you physically recharge your batteries?

We invite you to think about these questions for yourself.

In our coaching sessions, we offer you the space you need to clarify these questions more deeply for yourself and find your way to mental well-being as a mother. So that you can meet your child with more radiance and strength every day.

We look forward to seeing you in our mommy coaching sessions!

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