What is bridal coaching?

Bridal coaching is life coaching for brides in this very special phase of life between the engagement and the wedding day. Many react with surprise - once you're engaged, surely life should be perfect?

But everyone who has been through this phase nods when we tell them what we are doing and confirms it: Yes, weddings have this whole other side to them that no one tells you about.

We help women cope with the emotional stress that comes with wedding planning. The wedding day is an important moment in the family that brings a lot of positivity, but also a lot of challenging emotions and thoughts. Brides are confronted on the one hand with their own problems, the changes in their lives due to the new phase that is beginning, but also with all the things that are happening around them. A lot has to do with what is going on in the family, with parents, siblings and parents-in-law.


Coping with all this, dealing with all the questions you get from everyone around you and at the same time planning the most beautiful celebration of your life is a big challenge and can be overwhelming for you. All of this hits women before their wedding and many are not ready for it and have difficulty recognizing their own feelings in all the hustle and bustle, figuring out what they really want, what is important to them and what may only concern others. We help women through this change.

We want to help brides before it gets too complicated, stressful and overwhelming. In addition to the many preparations we make for outward beauty before our wedding, we focus on making you shine from the inside out at your wedding. We help you to move through the wedding preparation phase with more grace and ease and to be authentically yourself, the way you want to be as a bride.

In bridal coaching you will learn skills that will prepare you for a wonderful marriage and you will benefit for your entire future. We will teach you techniques that can be applied to all areas of your life and will help you to further improve your life and relationships, be happier and get what you want.

Bridal coaching deals with family tensions, friendship problems, arguments with fiancées, identity issues. If this is what you are dealing with right now, you are in the right place with us!

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